QSG engineers work with Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PIDS) technology pioneers to design, deliver and maintain integrated solutions that protect highly secure assets and organisations from hostile threat.

Whether required as a regulatory necessity or a pure security measure, PIDS are relied on by organisations from a vast range of sectors to rapidly detect and identify intruders.

While simple in their function as a primary warning mechanism, PIDS often encompass a wide range of technologies, from infra-red devices and pressure pads to thermal cameras and motion sensors, and as such require an exceptional degree of technical capability to implement. When integrated as part of a wider CCTV and access control solution, and physical security features such as barriers and turnstiles, they offer organisations a route to complete site security.

QSG has a well established reputation in this field, the expertise we have attained is reflected in our role as a primary supplier of perimeter security protection for the UK’s national custodial estate, and as the integrator of choice for private entities including nuclear plants, oil refineries, data centres, education and research facilities, and power stations.

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