QSG’s strategic, technical and practical expertise ensures organisations of all sizes can easily and cost-effectively benefit from the extensive opportunities
that ‘going IP’ presents.

IP-based security solutions facilitate greater levels of integration, adoption of leading-edge technologies – particularly in relation to CCTV cameras and access control systems, – simple scalability to accommodate growth, remote recording/management capabilities and ultimately cost-efficiencies.

But the converging worlds of electronic security and IT also present challenges and risks, such as cyber security. The complexity of the technologies involved, intricacies of network infrastructure required and the need to facilitate full interoperability between products that ‘speak different’ languages requires care. QSG has the expertise and the certification required to undertake these types of projects. Integration of physical security onto IT networks also means teamwork – the ability to meet and understand the needs of multiple stakeholder groups.

Without specialist knowledge of both worlds and the ability to provide equal support, implementation can fail to yield the right results.

Our highly-skilled design and deployment engineers are trained and accredited by leading IT organisations such as Cisco, and have decades of security solutions experience under their belts, meaning they are ideally placed to advise on, design and implement networked solutions – from fully IP systems to hybrid security solutions that allow gradual migration as budget permits.

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