Providing multi-site security, protection, and compliance for Magnox

Project Overview

QSG’s relationship with Magnox nuclear sites is one that is long-standing and very successful. We act as both security integrators providing design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance services to their electronic security estate. In addition to this QSG provides ongoing consultancy, keeping our client abreast of all advances in new technologies within the industry that enhances the operations of their site(s).

Customer Benefits

The requirements of each site are varied in relation to the levels of security attributed to each of them. This has changed the way QSG approach the design, administration, maintenance, and delivery of each solution at each site. This level of adaptability rippled through not only our project delivery team, but also our commercial and financial departments. As site security is an extremely high priority, QSG rapidly understood each sites specific security requirements and ensured we complied with our client’s strict guidelines, which enabled continued adherence to the UK Government and Office of Nuclear Regulations. Due to the nature of this project, all QSG’s personnel are security cleared.

We provide a fully inclusive approach to Magnox and their requirements. Our engineers are continually on site to assess and capture any issues with their security system and provide a proactive maintenance solution which ensures there is no deterioration of critical systems and equipment.

Project Challenges

This contract spans 11 main sites with numerous satellite sites which possess multiple systems within the perimeter of the main sites. These sites are often located in remote areas which present challenges in dealing with the terrain, site access, and environmental conditions. A number of the sites are open to the elements and marine conditions are detrimental to standard issue security equipment. In order to ensure the proposed equipment life cycle, QSG has developed multiple innovative solutions to overcome such environmental impacts and have enabled our client to continue to receive the maximum lifespan possible from their security infrastructure and yielding whole life cycle cost reductions.

“QSG continue to build on a very strong foundation with Magnox where the relationship is now deemed as a partnership between the two companies. Good communication as well as consistent service delivery is paramount to ensure that Magnox continue to be compliant with all systems across the sites.”
Nathan Marks, Client Delivery Manager

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